Class Presentation:
General & Comparative Physiology
Biology 321


Click here to see the presentation schedule for last year (2016) to give you an idea of the topics they covered.

2017 Schedule

Date: April 12 - Wednesday Lab
Presenter Title of Presentation
Katie Shanks Physiological state and movement of African elephants
Sarah Kate Shore Does body size effect post-exercise recovery time in teleost fish?
Alex Shanks Neural basis of the stress response in a pufferfish Takifugu obscurus 
Alex Carroll Hold Your Breath: Unidirectional and cardiogenic airflow in American alligators
Royal Pipaliya Leptin signalling regulates food intake in goldfish (Carassius auratus)
Robert Thomas Low fish on the totem pole: the effects of social status on hypoxia tolerance in rainbow trout
Date: April 13 - Thursday Lab
Presenter Title of Presentation
Lea Russell The power of flower color and hormones: two factors affecting reversible color change in crab spiders
Morgan Montague The heart wants what it wants: interval training and pulmonary hypertension in rats
Cameron White Under Pressure:  effects of ischemia on emperor penguins in deep-sea diving
Anthony Gomez Low Oxygen leads to air breathing in armoured catfish
Logan Ianuario Putting ants to work: serotonin and pheromone recognition
Julia Thompson Life Happens, Chocolate Helps
Parker Thieneman Post-dive recovery in Southern Elephant Seals
Hunter Arnold Can a broken heart be fixed? Heart regeneration in Zebrafish
Date: April 19 - Wednesday Lab
Presenter Title of Presentation
James Peyla Overcoming colorblindness: Monochromatic color discrimination in cephalopods
Mary Watkins Echidnas: Physiologically primitive or just another mammal?
Sara Buschak Not just a pretty light: Bioluminescence in dinoflagellates
Taylor Calamari Managing the oxidative stress associated with avian migration
Morgan Troiano Color Change in Bearded Dragon Lizards: camouflage or something more?
Allie Harrill The effects of exogenous testosterone administration on cognition in female rats
Jessa Norton Hungry Hosts: Examining digestive differences between parasitic cuckoos and host magpie nestlings
Joseph Pitts The multi-function steroid hormones and what influences its production in Hog Island Boas
Drew Friedman In Dogs, Bigger Isn't Always Better: Why Size Matters
Date: April 20 - Thursday Lab
Presenter Title of Presentation
Colter Rozzell Extreme freeze tolerance of Northern wood frogs
Emily Sandifer Hypoxia's effect on the next generation of zebra fish 
Colby Williamson Bioluminescence: How organisms become their own night light
Laura Davis Metabolic Magicians: Coping mechanisms of brown bears during hibernation
Abby White Effects of rising temperatures on crocodile diving performance
Zachary Berry Acid-Base Balance and Thermoregulation in Joeys: How Similar is a Wallaby to a Lizard?
Tori McElwain Skeletal Mutation: Walking with Ease
Brendan Greene The Effect of Biogenic Amines on Acetylcholine Receptors in Honey Bees